Monday, September 20, 2010


Welcome to the first installment of "Boy-isms". {Yes, it's a word!} :-) Just what ARE "boy-isms" you ask? It is all the cute, funny things boys say! I know, girls say funny things too (in fact, I have a few friends whose girls are HILARIOUS!) but I truly believe that there are some things only boys will think to say, and some things that are only funny to boys - young and old. Case in point: the other day in the car {where most of my funny boy-ism conversations seem to occur} the following dialogue occurred:

The instigator: My younger son, Trevor (age 6), burped overtly loud.
ME: Trevor, it is rude to burp in public. Please try to hold it in.
TREV: But if I hold it in, it's bad for my mouth! What else can I do?
SEAN (Older son, trying to be helpful): Fart instead!

Yuck! Boys are gross! That was my first thought anyway. I couldn't help but laugh that they would even think about that! And yes, we had a conversation about what is and is not appropriate after that! Here are a few more boy-isms from the past. Feel free to comment and add your own boy-ism! I would love to hear your funny stories and quotes!


Trev: "Mom, Jesus is King of the JUICE? I don't get it..."

Trevor: "Mom, I think I'm getting a mustache!" Me: "Cool." Sean: "No you're not, Trevor. I don't see anything." Trevor: "No really! I feel something under my nose." Sean: "It's probably something else." Trevor: "Oh, you're right Seany, it was just dirt." 


Trevor: "Mom, I want to see the tooth fairy sooo bad!" Me: "How are you going to do that?" Trev: "I am going to put a security camera in my room. Then I can look at the video to see what his body looks like & also to make sure he doesn't play my Nintendo DS."


"Mom, can we put sprinklers on our cupcakes?"


"I DON'T have a cold mom. I have a WARM."


(after eating ice cream) "Ouch! Mom, I think I have freeze brain."


"Mom, I don't feel well... I have a headache and a coffee."


...and my most recent favorite:

TREV: "Mom, did you know that God gave me the ability to talk?" ME: "Yes, I did." TREV: "Yep, he gave me the ability to talk aaaaaaall day long. But not all night. Otherwise he would have made me an owl...which he didn't."

That's it ... for now. I look forward to reading your Boy-isms!! :-)


  1. Stephen(in 6 y/o voice): "Ka we eat at da pwace with da gold spoon"
    Dad: "You mean Golden Spoon?
    Stephen(in 6 y/o voice): "Yeah, dat pwace".
    Dad: silence
    Stephen(in 6 y/o voice): So cud we"?

  2. So cute!! Glad you started a blog :)

  3. That is too cute Sean!! I love his little voice. :) And thank you Laurie!!! :):)