Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mom's Day Off!

Good morning! Today I get a very much needed "Mom Day!" As the old saying goes -- "A mother of boys is up from son up to son down!" :) And sometimes that is so true! When they are babies we are busy taking care of their needs and when they are older we are busy taking them everywhere they need to be!

But what about mom? I never used to be very good at taking time for myself, but today, my boys went to visit their dad for the weekend. {They do this twice a month, so now I am really good at getting my girl time in!} While they are enjoying their boy time, what is mom going to?? Get my VERY FIRST pedicure!! That's right! I know, I am probably the only girl in the world who has never had a pedicure before. I have had tons of manis but no pedis. :) Mostly because - even though I love cute sandals and flip flops - I'm just not thrilled about someone touching my feet... okay, and I am a little ticklish too. Hopefully I won't laugh too hard and be able to enjoy the experience and my day off with no kiddies! Which makes me wonder, what do you mom's like to do when you have your much deserved mom's day? {Maybe I can get some good ideas for next time!} :)

Well, off I go to spend the day with two of my best girls and bond over pedicures and maybe even a little wine... :) Cheers! Have a great weekend!

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